National Sportsweek 2014

Gemeente Oud-Beijerland

& VR Welzijn

The National sportsweek is an annual event held to promote different kinds of sports. Also this year a design was needed to announce this special occasion. This design was used for posters and flyers and it's on the front of over 3000 program books.

SGP Promotion Campaign Boardgame

​​SGP Oud-Beijerland

For the local elections of 2014 in Oud-Beijerland the SGP wanted a customized board game to promote their party. This game was meant for families to learn in a playful way about the core values of the SGP. It is based on the Game of the Goose, in which players take a walk through their own village and where they come across well-known highlights of Oud-Beijerland. All families received this board game at home in A2 format.  

Money Box House

​​House of Hope
House of Hope is a charity organization that is committed to improve the livability of Rotterdam-Zuid.The purpose in this district is to help the inhabitants by giving care and by organizing unifying activities. In this way they try to stimulate the people to come together and to make the neighborhood a better place.This foldable money box is designed for children to collect money to make a contribution to this charity. 

Opening National Sportsweek 2013

Gemeente Oud-Beijerland

& VR Welzijn

The National Sportsweek is an event which promotes different kinds of sports. It shows how healthy and fun sporting is. This design was not only for the promotional poster, but was also used as cover for over a thousand program books.

Zwarte Pieten Parties

Gemeente Cromstrijen

Every year when Sinterklaas is in Holland, a lot of activities are organised for children. This poster promotes a Dance and Music party in which children can participate. Besides a poster, flyers were handed out with the same design.

Nederkarper Logo is a webshop which sells fishing gadgets and equipment, specialised in catching carp. This is the logo they put on their website and on the packaging.

Logo Combinatie Functionarissen 

Gemeente Oud-Beijerland 

This is a logo made for the 'Combinatie Functionarissen' of Gemeente Oud-Beijerland, a group of people who work for the local authority and organise sports and cultural activities for children on primary schools. 

Albert Heijn 125th Anniversary
Ahold, Albert Heijn

In the week in which Albert Heijn existed 125 years, special anniversary activities in their supermarkets were organized. This design was not only used as a promotional poster, but the black and white version was also used for a coloring competition for childeren.


Leuk promotional poster

This design is made for a little company called Leuk. They organise children's parties. They used the design for their website as well.

Logo K9 4Care


​​K9 4Care

A logo created for a company that offers psychosocial counceling for humans with the help of therapy dogs.

Röntgenius T-shirt design



The student guild Röntgenius consists of Radiology students. Their opening week theme was 'beachparty', so they needed a T-shit design for their members that communicated the summer feeling combined with skeletons.

Horse Portrait 


​​Private commission

A painting made for a girl who loves her horse very much and wanted to hang a 2D version of it in her bedroom.

Cat Portraits


​​Private commission

Portraits for a lady who wanted her cats to be made into cartoon versions.

Boxers Portraits


​​Private commission

Portraits for a lady who wanted her dogs to be made into cartoon versions.

Netherbrick Mascotte

A lego-character designed for a dutch website about lego.